Return and Refund Agreement
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Return and Refund Agreement FAQ

Tips:In the process of returning goods for refund, buyers need to abide by the relevant regulations and policies as well as the provisions of  and shall not make malicious returns or false returns, otherwise they will bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.

1) How can a buyer apply for a return?

①  If the non-delivery / non-receipt of the goods in accordance with the agreed time limit is caused by
The buyer has the right to request compensation from  (return for refund/exchange/other compensation options).
If the goods, their original packaging, accessories, list cards and gifts are to be sent back with the goods, the shipping costs will be borne by .

② Incorrect goods / quality issues
For all orders placed on this platform, within 30 natural days of confirmation of receipt, the buyer has the right to claim compensation (refund/exchange/other compensation options) from the seller if the buyer finds that the goods have quality problems, the goods are not as described, or if the buyer provides proof that the incorrect goods/quality problems are caused by the seller. If the goods are to be sent back, the original packaging, warranty card, accessories and gifts should be sent back with the goods and the shipping costs should be borne ;

③ Uncontrollable factors / non-receipt of goods due to personal reasons of the buyer
If the goods are not delivered on time due to natural disasters, government actions, social events, etc.
For example, the buyer is not at home, there is an error in the delivery address, the buyer changes the order information, etc.
The buyer and seller should give priority to coordinating and resolving the matter themselves. If the buyer and seller fail to reach an agreement, both parties may apply for the intervention of the payment platform, which will make a final decision based on the facts and platform rules, combined with relevant laws and regulations.

2) How long does it take to respond to a buyer's refund application?

After the buyer submits the application, customer service will contact upon receipt of the application and give a solution within 3 days.
3)How long does it take to respond to a buyer's request for a refund?

For refund requests with the refund method of "Return for Refund", www.fashionejewelry.comw ill need to respond to the buyer's refund request within 3 days. If agrees to refund the returned goods, the buyer needs to ship the goods and upload the logistics proof within 7 days, and needs to confirm the refund as soon as possible after receiving the buyer's returned goods, which should not exceed 30 days.
4) What happens if the buyer and seller cannot reach an agreement?

If the buyer and seller cannot reach an agreement and the seller rejects the buyer's refund/refund return request, the payment platform will determine the final outcome based on the relevant evidence submitted by the buyer and seller.
5) What costs will be incurred for refunds?

Refunds mainly involve the amount of the goods, return shipping costs (if any), etc., of which
In the event of a return, the costs will be negotiated between the buyer and seller as a priority;

6) What circumstances may not accept a buyer's return application?

- Any goods that are not sold through  an online order placed on the platform;
- Out-of-warranty goods (goods that are beyond the return period);
- Quality of goods caused by unauthorised repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, fluid ingress, accident, alteration, incorrect installation;
- Accessories, gifts (which need to be returned with the main merchandise) of the merchandise affecting the integrity of the merchandise;
- Goods for which it is expressly stated at the time of purchase that the return or exchange is not supported;
- Others that should not be returned or exchanged in accordance with the law

7) If there is a quality problem with the goods, can the buyer choose to get a refund or an exchange? 

The buyer may choose to refund or exchange the goods, with the specific options to be determined by negotiation between the buyer and seller. If the price of the exchanged item is higher than the original item, the buyer will have to pay the full price difference; if the price is lower than the original item, the price difference will be refunded to the buyer.  

8) What is the process for returning goods for a refund? 

① The buyer submits a return for refund; 
②  Confirm and agree to the return for refund application; 
③  Buyer sends back the goods and uploads the logistics voucher; 
④  Confirm receipt of the returned goods and check that the goods are in good condition, then proceed with the refund process as soon as possible.

9) What is the refund method?

Refunds are made by returning the original payment method.
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